Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spring Is Right On Time

Well Maura and I are about to head out to Yuma for a week and two weeks, respectively. I was pretty upset because I had a feeling that my lemon tree was going to bloom while I was gone, covered as it is with wierd white and purple boils.

The two tiny green tomatoes and the giant strawberry flower that revealed themselves in the past two days were a small comfort, but not enough. As I watered all of the plants this morning, I thought I could even see the lines on one of the buds where the lemon tree would bloom. Sigh.

Well then I go to pick up Maura from her class, and when we get back, what does she see? In the hour it took to go there and get back, ol' Stonewall (the tree's name) had bloomed! He must have known I was going away.

They are right about the smell, it's like honeysuckle, only better. There are some more pictures of plants mentioned here on this blog at my flickr feed. I know you are all dying to see them.

See you all in two weeks!