Sunday, April 09, 2006


Today Maura and I went out and bought a lemon tree! I can't even say how excited I am, because if I did then you would be so depressed to not be that excited lol omg ttyl hags.

We had to drive to 3 different home improvement warehouses to find one, but along the way we actually stumbled across a geocache by accident, which was kind of cool and (obviously) unexpected. There's this crazy old concrete bridge nestled between the new Chickfila and the old KFC, only the bridge stops halfway across the creek. It's been christened the bridge to nowhere by me Maura, and by countless others before us, and no one knows why it is there or where it is going. (When will it get there?). It seems very lonely there.

Back to the lemon - after being sprayed with a hose by a Lowe's employee while looking for the elusive lemon trees, the culprit was kind enough to point me in the right direction. At the checkout, I had a charming conversation with a fellow owner about the merits of indoor citrus (they make your house smell like it is clean - we reveled in the fact that both of our houses are filthy and no one is the wiser).

I received wishes of good luck and returned them in kind.

So now I am living the dream. It's everything I hoped for and more. The tree is easily the most visually appealing plant in the house, with shiny dark green leaves and a branch configuration that is quite interesting to view. The thought that it will (hopefully) one day bristle with succulent lemons is just the sour, sour icing on the cake.


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