Friday, October 21, 2005

Where Do You Go From Associate Justice of the The Supreme Court?

The College of William and Mary in Virginia, of course.

Well this weekend is Homecoming for WM, so here is some WM news to celebrate. Apparently Sandra Day O'Connor is the new Chancellor of William and Mary, replacing crazy old Henry Kissinger. He was a bit, well, contraversial. Ahh the memories.

I don't think anyone ever accepted Kissinger as Chancellor, which is a position that no one is really sure what it is for, except to make speeches on Charter Day and to give WM something to brag about. The position has been filled with this list of ridiculously important people, especially for such a tiny little school. Thatcher was still the favorite when I graduated, where she gave a rousing speech that really got the crowd going, while Kissinger wasn't even given a speaking role. No one could really understand him anyways.

So I am happy to hear this news. Sandra Day has a special place in my heart, as I would always write her name down when I didn't know the answer in history classes. Maybe in some years we'll be honored enough to have her replacement to the SCOTUS as Chancellor. Then again... maybe not.


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