Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Freelancestar Goes High-Tech

Wow, Fredericksburg's very own newspaper, the Freelancestar, finally added RSS feeds. They even have it split up by subject. There's so rarely something eventful happening in this town that it will be nice to not have to load the whole page just to find out that High School Team A won Sports Challenge Z.

Now that they are so tech savvy, hopefully they will be able to figure out that taking a picture, shrinking it down to thumbnail size, and then blowing it back up again to post on their articles leaves, well, something to be desired in the final result. Here's a great example, where they have used their unique method on an expenditures chart (look for it on the right below the ad). Very helpful.

The high school sports article (above) has another gem. I love how the "zoom" actually makes the picture smaller.


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